Language Arts 

      During the months of February and March students will be reading one of two books:

            1. "Bud, not Buddy," by Christopher Paul Curtis

            2.  "Accidental Love," by Gary Soto

           During class students will  engage in Literature Circles. Literature circles consist of four components: pre-           discussion, discussion, end of discussion activity, and some form of assessment. Students will work in                  groups in order to gain comprehension in the following areas; context clues, inference, cause and effect              and more.


          During writing students will participate in writer's workshop. Writers workshop is a teaching strategy                    where the teacher models the writing process through a mini-lesson targeting a specific topic or  genre.              Directly after the mini-lesson students are asked to apply what they learned.

           Students will also engage in shared writings where the teacher and class work together to complete a                       writing. Students may also write with a partner in order to share ideas and writing techniques. genres or strategies will be covered during writing: Narrative, Persuasive, Expository, dialogue               action with internal thought, setting, structure, and voice.

More Language Arts

         Although we are quite busy with the above activities, we still make time for the basics. Students will                         participate in grammar and vocabulary activities.








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